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10" HP Reinforced Kevlar Hose - Product Image
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10" HP Reinforced Kevlar Hose

  • We have a very limited Reinforced Kevlar high pressure hose
  • Made with UV resistant safety reinforced kevlar fibers which allows these hoses a longer life span than traditional hoses
  • Our Kevlar High Pressure hoses have a 7/16 fitting and will fit most of todays first stages
  • Working pressure of 5000 psi ensures against hose failures
  • Burst pressure rating of 20,000 psi gives you that extra safety margin
  • Smallest diameter high pressure hose at only 8.5mm made for high pressure
  • Great HP hose for your single pressure gauge or stage/pony gauge
  • Our hoses are tested and meet the SGS bursting standards and also comply with EN 250 Standard
  • Braid color is black only
  • This hose is made outside of the USA
  • Black Only
  • Don't forget to check out our SPG's located in our gauge section! When purchasing both an hp hose and Spg you can save a few $$$ as a combonation purchase. We carry both 2 & 2.5 inch size Spg's with glass faces
    Piranha's Price:   $28.99