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***We are closed from Monday June 19th to June 26th! We will be doing specials all week long and orders will start to ship on June 27th! You also can send an email to piranhadivemfg@yahoo.com and someone will get back in touch with you! We hope the specials will make up for us being closed**You will see reduce / free shipping deals each day so do not miss out!**Set for $60.00 right now!  
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12 Standard - Product Image
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12 Standard

  • UPDATED:: We have 4 left at this price!!
  • We have several at this price! Awesome back up light at special saving
  • These are new lightheads!! No dings or marks on the body
  • Standard 12
  • The Standard 12 is a sturdy and basic light head which, in the field of functionality and quality, is not inferior to the more sophisticated halogen light heads.
  • With it's 30 Watt Xenophot bulb and it's 24? reflector it can be used under any circumstances
  • When combined with the Green Force Flexi II, the 12 Standard offers an approximate burn time of 80 minutes.
  • When combined with the Green Force Flexi III, the 12 Standard offers an approximate burn time of 3Hrs
    Piranha's Price:   $30.00 
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