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***We are closed from Monday June 19th to June 26th! We will be doing specials all week long and orders will start to ship on June 27th! You also can send an email to piranhadivemfg@yahoo.com and someone will get back in touch with you! We hope the specials will make up for us being closed**You will see reduce / free shipping deals each day so do not miss out!**Set for $60.00 right now!  
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Shopping Categories > Bungee Cord > **Bungee Attachment Clamps Click Here**

1/4" Stainless Steel Bungee Attachment Clamps "Select piece packs" **RS250**

  • We now carry bungee attachment clamps for those jobs that need to make secure loops and end stoppers
  • We sell these by the 10 piece or 100 piece packs! Select from our drop down box
  • We also sell the hand tool to close your clamp if you do not have one! See our drop down box

  • The crimping tool is non-returnable so make sure you want it when ordering! This size tool works on the 1/8", 3/16" and 1/4" clamps

  • Note: When buying your clamps, you purchase the same size clamp as the same size bungee such as 3/16" Bungee uses 3/16" size bungee attachment clamps

  • Please Note: If you are not buying the specially made pliers for the bungee cord, you might consider buying extra bungee clamps. There is a learning curve in mastering how to use the bungee clamps. The bungee pliers have a "special groove" made in them for the bungee clamp to fit. The clamps fit perfectly around the bungee. With regular pliers, it is more difficult but can be done
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    Bungee Crimping Tool