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Shopping Categories > Hoses & Fittings > Nylon Double Braided Bc Hoses

15" Double Braided BC Hose

  • Our Braided hoses are CE Tested and Approved!
  • Our new hoses are a double braided type low pressure hose
  • More than 30% lighter compared to standard hoses
  • Made with a kink free airflow design that does not allow our hose to be obstructed
  • Abrasion resistant material reduces nicks or cuts
  • Fits a standard inflator connection
  • Made with UV resistant safety braid which allows these hoses a longer life span than traditional hoses
  • Bc Pressure hoses have a 3/8" fitting and will fit most of todays first stages
  • Working pressure of 1500 psi ensures against hose failures and is 3 times that of a standard hose!
  • Burst pressure rating of 7000 psi gives you that extra safety margin and is 3 times higher than a standard rubber hose
  • This hose is not made in the USA!
  • Black Only
    Piranha's Price:   $19.89