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Tec Jump Pants       Size:: XXXXL - Product Image
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Tec Jump Pants Size:: XXXXL

  • Our tec pants have large velcro closure type pockets one one each side for storage
  • Our pockets are roughly 8.5 long by 5.5 inches wide with the pocket having roughly 2 inches of depth!
  • Also this material allows water to flow thru easily and thus no drainage issues with these pants!
  • Our pockets are made from the same material as the pants themselves called polyolefin which is 96% polypropylene with a 4% spandex to allow our pants a very durable product!
  • Our material allows for the following highlights:
  • Extreme Breathability
  • Fast drying but not absorbing water
  • Neutrally Buoyant
  • UV Protection certified at UPF 50+ .. You also can wear these alone for a great pair of water shorts
  • Our pants slide over either a wetsuit or drysuit and have a drawstring at the top to ensure a proper fit!
  • Store smb's, wetnotes and other items easily with our expandable pockets
  • Material is very elastic and this ensures a good tight fit around your suit
  • Velcro pocket closure ensures your items are secure during your dive
  • This is an ideal product for wetsuit or drysuit divers that do not have bellows pockets and want extra pockets for storage!
  • Comes in black only
  • NOTE: Make sure you purchase slightly larger to fit over your suit system. You may want to measure your waist with your suit on to ensure a proper size when ordering!!
  • When you go to figure your sizing here are some tips to use: One tip is each size is 1inch in diameter larger!
  • Starting point of waist size: XXXXL is roughly 42+
  • Wearing a 3mm or less wetsuit add one size larger than your short size you wear
  • Wearing a 5mm or heavier consider going 2 sizes larger
  • Wearing a drysuit go atleast 2 sizes larger
  • NOTE: Remember this material is like a spandex type where it has alot of stretch and allows to proper fit
  • Our product is also made in the U.S.A.
    Piranha's Price:   $58.99