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UV Tech Surface Protector & Rejuvenator 4oz pump bottle - Product Image
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UV Tech Surface Protector & Rejuvenator 4oz pump bottle

  • Comes in a small 4oz pump bottle! Perfect for your dive bag or box!!
  • Great product for using on your latex tubing or rubber hoses to help keep them flexible and extend their life! **Just place some UV Tech on a rag or cloth and wipe down your hose or latex tubing on the outside to help maintain its flexibility**
  • Maintains the integrity suppleness and elasticity of the latex, rubber and neoprene in drysuits
  • UV Tech contains a powerful UV-blocking agent that protects the drysuit neck and wrist seals and a re-plasticizer that dramatically slows degradation of drysuit seals!
  • UV Tech does not contain silicone, penetrates instantly, won't rinse off, and surfaces treated with UV Tech will not attract dirt
  • Restores gear to its original condition and prolongs gear life
  • If an item is getting heavy UV exposure we recommend using UV Tech once every 30 days for maximum protection
  • We also recommend applying UV Tech before long-term storage
  • UV Tech is a powerful protectant for use on hundreds of items including dry suit seals, kayaks, binocular housings, boat covers and a variety of outdoor fabrics and materials
  • Rejuvenates synthetic and natural materials and protects surfaces from sun damage and color fading. Restores gear to its original condition and prolongs gear life
  • McNett UV Tech Conditions, Seals and Protects Plastic, Vinyl, Rubber, PVC, Leather, Fiberglass, Hypalon and More
  • Features * Reduces Damage and Fading From The Sun * Replaces Lost Plasticizers * Protects For Easy Cleaning * Improves Appearance, Enhances Color * Nontoxic, Biodegradable, Nonflammable
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