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1" Inch Lightweight Standard Aluminum Slider No Teeth "smooth"

1" Inch Lightweight Standard Aluminum Slider No Teeth "smooth"

  • Our sliders are made for us and are made to our specs which allows us to make these a heavy duty style! These will not bend or twist like the thinner ones most retailers sell!
  • Lightweight Aluminum Slider in a smooth finish no teeth!
  • This slider is in a standard anodized color
  • Slots will allow you to even run any 1" inch thick webbing or in some cases you can double up.
  • 1/4" inch slot width for your webbing opening 
  • 1" wide to allow your webbing to slide in with no issues
  • These are strong and will not bend under normal loads with it being 1/8 thick aluminum 
  • Great for locking items on your harness
  • These will allow you to adjust your gear a little easier than the tooth version

  • Piranha's Price: $1.49