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150ft Stainless Steel Finger Spool  "White Line w/orange tracer" - Product Image
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150ft Stainless Steel Finger Spool "White Line w/orange tracer"

  • Our newest product with our best line equals Piranha's commitment to offer you the diver more choices for making your dive fun, enjoyable and safe!
  • This reel has 150ft of #24 Piranha Professional Grade line on it but we recommend that you remove just a little to allow your clip off to work better. We left the full amount of line so you may fine tune your spool for your application
  • Our stainless steel finger spools are made from 304L material and is 16 gauge
  • The spool halves are TIG welded together for strength, polished and passivated for corrosion resistants
  • Large center holes just like our delrin ones make using these finger spools a dream for even the begineer
  • Our spool is 3.3" inches in diameter and only 1.75" inches wide
  • Our spool comes loaded with your color choice of #24 line and is our Piranha Professional Grade line which is one of the best lines you can purchase
  • Need a double ender for your spool? With Piranha if you have a double ender already than why purchase another one? So we offer you the choice of getting of using your own and saving your money for other goodies or get a brass or stainless steel 4" double ender at a reduce costs! Purchase from our drop down box below if you need one
    Piranha's Price: $94.99 
    Item out of stock! Please contact us for arrival dates at piranhadivemfg@yahoo.com