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2 Inch Nylon Webbing  Nitrox GREEN Stiff Webbing!" - Product Image
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2 Inch Nylon Webbing Nitrox GREEN Stiff Webbing!"

  • We were able to get some of this nitrox green webbing back in stock! Its just a little stiffer than normal weight belt webbing but it is perfect for harnesses or applications were you do not want your webbing to roll or bind on you. We call this a single dip webbing which makes it just slightly stiff but a great webbing to work with
  • We use a professional grade of nylon webbing which can be used for many applications
  • Our webbing is a little stiffer than most webbings and made to be more durable to outdoor weather environment making it last longer and works better on weight belts, harnesses and backstraps!
  • Specs
  • Rated Tensile Strength 4,575 ?- 5% Lbs.
  • Weight (oz/yd): 2.3 ?- .05
  • Width: 1 15/16 ? 1/32
  • Thickness .075?.005
  • Picks: 31 ?- 1
  • Marine grade quality "heavy duty"
  • You are purchasing Nitrox GREEN webbing
  • No refund available once cut to order
  • Price is by the foot!

  • Piranha's Price: $0.93