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27" Low Pressure Black Rubber Hose w/ swivel on the end! - Product Image
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27" Low Pressure Black Rubber Hose w/ swivel on the end!

  • Our hoses are made from the highest quality materials available
  • This special hose uses a swivel on the end of the hose to allow you to move my freely with less pressure on the jaw! 
  • Our Low Pressure hoses have a 3/8 fitting
  • Working pressure of 500 psi ensures against hose failures
  • Burst pressure rating of 2000 psi gives you that extra safety margin
  • Our hoses have a 4 to 1 hose working/burst pressure rating
  • Great Low pressure hose for your primary or back up regulator
  • Caution make sure you do not need a 1/2" fitting which where used on earlier Apek first stages "2006 & earlier" and a few others

  • Piranha's Price:    $27.99