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3 Gauge MINI Console w/Hp hose included - Product Image
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3 Gauge MINI Console w/Hp hose included

  • We only have one of these in stock at this special pricing!
  • 3 gauge console: Depth, Pressure and a compass with both BAR and PSI readings!
  • Pressure 0-5000 PSI / 0-350 Bar on the inside
  • Depth is 220ft on the outside and 67m on the inside is max depth readings
  • Both the pressure and depth faces are roughly 1 3/4" inches across for easy reading
  • Included on the backside is a compass with a rotating ring bezel
  • Our compass uses a high strength magnet which gives a faster and more positive response time
  • Our compass also has an easy to read side window for level reading and a high visibility luminous display for easy eading
  • Outside rubber protective boot also has a loop at the top to attach clip or snaps
  • Includes a 32 inch Hp hose
    Piranha's Price: $94.99 
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