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305F Maxtec Sensor   "3 Pack of Sensors"  - Product Image
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305F Maxtec Sensor "3 Pack of Sensors"

  • Check out the NEW Maxtec sensor!
  • These are also new unused sensors for your rebreather's or other devices!
  • Save when you purchase a 3 pack from us and keep all your sensors the same!
  • Maxtec 305F "Replaces R22D / PSR-11-39-MD model sensors.. See below for more information"
  • Out put voltage is 8 - 13 mv
  • Response Time: < 5 seconds
  • 3 pin Molex connector
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Lifespan is a average of 12 months of use! Always test and check your sensors before diving and replace with news ones at the beginning of the dive season..
  • Warranty is 12 months of normal usage!
  • Replacement For the following sensors
  • DiveTek Oz I & II Analyzers
  • Mares EANx
  • Megalodon Rebreathers
  • Cochran Lifeguard
  • Kiss Rebreathers
  • Oxycheq (R22D)
  • VR3 Unit Sensor
  • Replaces Teledyne sensor (R22D)
  • >Replaces Analytical Industries sensor (PSR-11-39-MD)
  • For more detailed information please go to their website for the latest details
  • Spec Sheet http://www.maxtecscuba.com/replacementSensors/pdf/max305specs.pdf
    Piranha's Price: $209.00