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5/8" Ez Splice Bungee Kit "Black Kit"

5/8" Ez Splice Bungee Kit "Black Kit"

  • Comes with 2 Bungee Splice Pieces with SS Pins in each Kit (Black)

  • Professionally made splice without hours of work. This is the easy way instead of the old method of splicing rope or bungee and stronger since stainless steel pins actually pierce through to hold the rope or bungee together.

  • Save time and money. Construct a reliable custom splice in minutes. Use the EZ Splice Fastener on any type of rope, line, or bungee cord. Marine-tested for strength and reliability. In most situations, the line will break before the splice fails

  • The patented EZ Splice fastener makes the complicated task of splicing fast and simple. Save time and money by creating your own custom splice for dock lines, spring lines, anchor thimbles, tie down straps, tow harnesses and much more. The product is manufactured in the USA from a very durable proprietary polymer; the pins are made from high-quality stainless steel therefore the EZ Splice fastener is U/V and corrosion resistant.

  • The economical EZ Splice fastener will allow you to create an attractive, permanent splice anytime anywhere. A must have item for all marine enthusiasts. Don't leave the dock without it!

  • In addition to the wide variety of marine applications, the EZ Splice fastener has been a popular item with RV enthusiasts, landscapers, arborists, snowmobile riders, ATV enthusiasts and outdoor sportsmen. The EZ Splice fastener is great item to have on hand at home, on the farm, at the ranch or at your private hunting camp. Strong enough for towing...

  • Disclaimer for Bungee Shock Cord
  • All products are subject to failure when exposed to extremely high stress or incorrect usage. Reef Scuba Accessories will not be responsible for serious personal injury and or property damage based on the following:o Cord that is stretched too far: Do not stretch your bungee cord greater than 75% of its static length limits. Stretch the elastic cord cautiously, as uncontrolled release can cause severe injuries to unprotected body parts, particularly to the eyes.

  • Widely Varying Load Pressures: Do not use when load variations or shifting in large proportions as in top heavy loads or lengthy items, particularly where movement may create extensive swaying or rocking action as to cause abnormal wear on the bungee cord.

  • Airfoil Type Load: Do not secure a large surface which can "airplane" or rise through the air, such as a surfboard or large section of plywood, etc. While the bungee will hold the piece in place, the pressure from the air will cause the bungee to stretch and give way to securing a tight control on the item you are tying down.

  • Used Without Good Judgment: Reef Scuba Accessories cannot be responsible for Bungee Elastic Shock Cord use in situations where the bungee cord is used for creating a situation where injury is possible. When in doubt, use regular twine cord or chain.

  • Do not use old or badly frayed bungee cord. It is less expensive to replace the bungee cord than to take risks.

  • This statement is here, not only as a disclaimer, but to make you think of the consequences that could happen if you do not use your bungee cord properly.
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