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8 Foot High Viz Orange SMB "Ocean Model"  - Product Image
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8 Foot High Viz Orange SMB "Ocean Model"

  • Use this guy when diving out in the ocean! 2 foot taller than our standard model and that allows a dive boat to see you further away
  • 8 Feet Overall Length 6" X 96"
  • 210 Denier with a urethane backing
  • Approximately 50+lbs of lifting capacity
  • Small compact design for easy storage with bungee to hold it rolled up
  • Our smb has a oral / Bc hose inflator at the bottom
  • Has a 1" plastic D-ring to attach a slate or light at the top of the Smb
  • Non-Slip valve at bottom allows air into the smb and stay in without dumping out! "Flapper Valve"
  • Diver can fill the smb either by your regulator or mouth with the opening at the bottom
  • Lead weights located inside the smb at the bottom allows smb to stand straight up at the surface better than other smb's!
  • Also by having lead weights at the bottom the opening is easier to work with underwater
  • When rolled up it has a quick clip for easy attachment to your Bc rig!
  • Has an over pressure relief button to prevent premature blow outs / failures
  • Color is Safety Orange

  • Piranha's Price:    $36.99 
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