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Airone Jacket Style Travel Bc   Size: Large

Airone Jacket Style Travel Bc Size: Large

  • These are close-out pricing and once the item is gone there are no back orders! We have a limited amount of product left and the shelf's are being cleaned
  • Here's another hot deal for you traveling or warm water divers! We are limited so don't miss out
  • This is an awesome travel or warm water Bc! You cannot go wrong for the price and traveling with it is a snap with its lightweight
  • We all know that today we can reach distant destinations much more easily than in the past, but we must still take into account baggage weight and volume. Airone meets just these needs: large diving volume but compact for transportation, resistant materials yet incredibly lightweight
  • Carry Bag for Bc:Material outer breathing bag: PU coated Nylon 210 D
  • Material inner breathing bag: PU coated Nylon 210 D
  • Dump valves: 3 with pull command
  • D-rings: 4 - 40mm rings in plastic + 2- 25 mm rings in plastic
  • Lift: 39.2lbs
  • Dry weight (size L): Under 5 pounds!

  • Piranha's Price: $139.99 
    Item out of stock! Please contact us for arrival dates at piranhadivemfg@yahoo.com