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Aqua Pencil Kit "GREEN" - Product Image
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Aqua Pencil Kit "GREEN"

  • The Aqua Pencil Kit includes the following items - Aqua Pencil, Aqua Tether, Slate, Lead Pack, Eraser
  • You can use this pencil above or below the water
  • Comes with a Green pencil and tether
  • The Aqua Pencil is a simple mechanism that allows you to feed graphite as you need it by twisting the end. The graphite is 2 mm in diameter plus it resists breaking and is 3.5" long for plenty of supply.
  • The graphite is easily replaced when it gets low.
  • The ergonomic shape fits comfortably in your hand with or without a glove.
  • The Aqua Pencil works with existing slate boards, wrist slates, and underwater paper like Wet Notes.
  • The Aqua Tether is made from stretchable silicon rubber
  • At each end is a novel self-locking feature that loops around itself to capture gear. Loop it through the hole on the Aqua Pencil and pull the other end through the hole in a Slate and your Aqua Pencil is secured.
  • Or you can use the Tether to secure any other light-weight gear.
  • The Aqua Tether is 15" long and will stretch to twice its length without breaking or the loops pulling apart
  • The Slate is 4" wide x 6" high
    Piranha's Price: $25.00