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Back in Stock! Mini Spg Nitrox Ready! PSI Model - Product Image
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Back in Stock! Mini Spg Nitrox Ready! PSI Model

  • Our mini spg gauge is now easier to read than ever before!
  • We use a red needle to help in reading our mini spg gauge
  • Measures roughly 1" inch across the face for easy reading during use
  • Our mini uses a glow in the dark background that helps even more when diving at night
  • Uses a standard high-pressure 7/16-inch port of the regulator first stage and does not require a hose or spool
  • Need to have your pony gauge connect to a hose? Use our in line pony adapter to solve your problem with ease
  • Our mini spg is Nitrox Ready, Also comes with a viton o-ring and is rated up to 5000 psi
  • Our mini uses 1000 psi increments with an easy-to-read scale and polycarbonate face
  • Use our mini spg on pony, inflation and bailout bottles

  • Piranha's Price: $14.99