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Brand New! Fog Kicker 4.5ml Bottle  - Product Image
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Brand New! Fog Kicker 4.5ml Bottle

* If you have never try this anti-fog solution you may want to give it a test. We have found this to be an awesome product and we think once you get a tube of this you may never want to give it to your buddies! You may give them your old fog solution

* Fogkicker is not an ordinary mask defog. It is a biodegradable anti-fog solution that is effective. Based on the latest bio-technology using Nanocellulose, is a environmentally safe product that will not harm you, the underwater world or it's inhabitants.

* The effectiveness of FogKicker is the technology allows for a single application that can last multiple dives.

* The applicator on your tube has a unique angled soft tip (like a marking pen) that allows for even and simple application before your dives. Directions on the back of your package!

* A small quick "twist" of the base provides a small release of the liquid through the tip as needed. No rubbing and nothing on your fingers...the Fogkicker bottle makes it easy!

* Complete instructions on how to apply right on the back of your package! 

* Comes in a 4.5ml bottle! 

  • Single coating can last multiple dives
  • Coats on clear and dries in minutes
  • Perfect for masks, goggles and glasses
  • Great for Scuba Diving! Snorkeling or Swimming goggles!
  • Angled applicator for easy use and no mess
  • Biodegradable safe product for our water friends!
  • Angled applicator for easy use and no mess

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