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Brand New! Open Dives Adventure Memory Tags from Expedition Bound - Product Image
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Brand New! Open Dives Adventure Memory Tags from Expedition Bound

You can now create a memory with our latest item from Expedition Bound folks making customs tags for you!

You made the dive now make your memory with these colorful tags by selecting from our many options

These are laser engraved to give you a crisp looking tag plus with our selection of colors you can make it custum just for you or your group


Go to expeditionboundfl.com for even more tags to choose from and create those lasting memories!


We have different tags for different dives such as wreck or reefs, cave dives, spearfishing dives and so many more just choose the ones you want and keep those memories alive with our tags!


Adding Information to your memory tag

So your first line will be the OPEN water dive you wish to make a memory


Your second line is the dive location


Your third line is the depth you dove on the open water dive add your depth in our custom field


The 4th line is the date of your dive!


You also select the color of your memory tag from our drop down box below

Lastly if you want to add a holder for your memory tag select from our list below


Allow up to 2 to 3 days of processing time since these are custom made to order!

Piranha's Price: $4.99 
Select Your Tag Color  
Add Your Tag Holder  
Body of Water:

Dive Location:

Add your Depth:

Your Depth in Feet or Meters so we can add to your depth:

Add Date of Dive: