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Cave Non Directional Line Cookies "Round Type" "Many Colors to choose from!" - Product Image
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Cave Non Directional Line Cookies "Round Type" "Many Colors to choose from!"

  • We now carry directional markers for cave or even wreck diving!
  • These Non Directional Cookie Line Markers marking a specific place on the line, but does not give directional information
  • Dimensions: 2 3/16" overall diameter which is a perfect size to easily use and see while in the cave
  • These are preferred over line arrows for setting up traverses or circuits because they avoid the possibility of having directional markers on the line which could point away from the closest exit, which could be disastrous in an emergency.
  • Use a non-directional line cookie at jumps, especially jumps made from points at which no permanent marker has been installed.
  • Using these line cookies you would place them on the outbound side of a jump
  • These line cookies confirm exit direction as divers return to the jump
  • We have them in 4 colors: Orange, Neon Yellow, White or Glow! Please select from our drop down box below

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