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Deco Pocket Kit w/ Smb & Black Deco Line

Deco Pocket Kit w/ Smb & Black Deco Line

Ideal for use as a buoy "SMB 48 inches long" to signal that the diver is in the decompression phase / Safety Stop.

The least bulky deco buoy in the world Being made with a lighter denair nylon material allows for a super flat / compact SMB

The square profile of the SMB is designed to be closed on itself with a bellows: this allows the buoy to be inserted into the "Super Flat" pocket.

Just inflate it to make it reach its maximum extension and this Smb has an open bottom so it does not need an opv allowing for a very compact kit

The kit includes also black line you can use to connect your Smb to the inside of your pocket if you choose to. Also has an elestic band to hold the line inside the deco pocket 

The pocket with the Smb and the line inside the pocket measures: 7" inches long by4 1/2" inches wide with a thickness of 1 1/2" inches which includes the velcro flap to hold everything securely. Has a plastic 360 swivelclip to clip off or on the backside a 2" inch slot to slide over your webbing 

SMB: Orange nylon/polyurethane material rough length: 53" inches x 2.75" inches / 135×7 cm

Piranha's Price: $29.99