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Dive Extra's Cuda 400 Scooter with Free Domestic Shipping Included!  - Product Image
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Dive Extra's Cuda 400 Scooter with Free Domestic Shipping Included!

  • One of their older scooters that divers keep on wanting so if you cannot afford the more expensive models this may fit your bill to a Tee!
  • Looking for what we feel is one of the best dive scooters on the market? Well look no further! You can now purchase your scooter and we will ship it anywhere in the U.S. free of charge!
  • Also check our drop down list of added goodies to trick out your dive scooter for you and your type of diving!
  • We also can get you any piece for the Piranha or Cuda scooters not listed! Just send us an email to piranhadivemfg@yahoo.com with what your looking for and we will be happy to get you the latest pricing for that part


  • Called The Travel Scooter:
  • The CUDA 400 is our travel scooter, a dedicated high performance DPV with a NiMh battery that is allowable on all airlines. If Air travel is not an essential feature of your scooter we would recommend the Piranha, but if it is, then the CUDA 400 is perfect


  • Brushless Motors
  • Very reliable and durable motors designed specifically for our scooters. They are extremely lightweight and efficient for their size


  • Electronic Speed Control
  • "On the Fly" shift gears. Click to slow down. Double click to speed up. The CUDA series has 8 gears. When initially turning on the scooter it will always be in 3rd gear


  • Variable Pitch Propeller
  • Tweek your scooters performance by adjusting the angle of the propeller blades. This is done easily in the middle of a dive by turning the pitch knob on the back of the propeller.


  • Minimalist Design
  • Every aspect of the scooter was made to be bulletproof. From the 2 penetration design, 600ft depth rated aluminum body and tail, or the magnetically driven speed control


  • Utility D-Ring
  • Clip off your scooter easily with the front mounted D-Ring. Mounting the D-Ring is a sacrificial zinc bracket. The bracket deters corrosion to the aluminum body and tail.


  • Tow Behind Design
  • Ride effortlessly through the water. Adjust your tow cord to fit your needs. The better your trim when scootering, the more efficient your scooter


  • See our drop down boxes for all the OPTIONS!


  • Standard Camera / Light Mount: Universal Mount, Adaptable To Mounting Almost Anything To The X-Scooter. Mounts on Scooter with Cam Band (included).
  • Deluxe Model: Deluxe Swivel Mount, Mounts Video And Still Cameras To The X-Scooter. Choose adapter plate: Universal Flat Plate, L&M SR12/HC9, L&M FX1, L&M Stingray. Mounts on Scooter with Cam Band (included)


  • Specification
  • Performance Chart Imperial
  • Depth Rating 600ft; 180m
  • Weight 42lbs; 19kg
  • Thrust 71lbs; 32kg
  • Max Speed 266ft/min; 81m/min
  • Range at Max Speed/Max Drag 1.1 miles; 1.8km
  • Run Time at Max Speed/Max Drag 21 min
  • Cruise Range (150ft/min; 45m/min) 3.1 miles; 5km
  • Run Time at Cruise Speed 111 min
  • Battery Specifications
  • Battery Chemistry NiMh
  • Battery Voltage 41V
  • Battery Capacity Nominal 10.0Ah 400Wh
  • Cells 34 D Cells
  • Charger 110/240V
  • Charge Time 4.5 hours


  • Here is what you will receive with your Cuda 400 scooter
  • 1 x CUDA Tail 1 x CUDA 400/FURY 1150 Body 1 x CUDA 400 NiMH Battery 1 x CUDA 400 NiMh Charger 1 x Standard Spares Kit (Cuda/Sierra)


  • Piranha's Price: $5,175.00 
    Add Annual Service Kit for Cuda/Sierra  
    Add Dual Gauge Mount  
    Add T-Handle Single Compass Mount with SK8  
    Add T-Handle Single Compass Mount with gauge boot only  
    Add T-Handle Dual Compass/gauge mount with SK8  
    Add T-Handle Dual Compass/gauge mount with gauge boots only  
    Add Standard Camera/Light Mount  
    Add Deluxe Swivel Camera Mount  
    Add Deluxe 3-point Tow Harness  
    Add Cuda/Sierra Standard Spares Kit  
    Add Piranha/Cuda Seal Protector  
    Add Piranha/Cuda Vacuum Tester  
    Add Piranha Cuda NiMh Batterys  
    Add Cuda 400 / 650 NiMH Battery Chargers  
    Add CUDA power Outlet kit  
    Add Universal Electronics Programing Interface  
    Add Prop Replacement Kit (Cuda/Sierra)