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Edge Egress Safe 2nd Inflator Combination Unit - Product Image
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Edge Egress Safe 2nd Inflator Combination Unit

Edge Egress Safe 2nd Inflator Combination Unit. As a diver you depend on your backup safe second to function reliably whenever you need it. For this reason we have put the same effort and attention into designing and building our EDGE backup safe second stages. Should you ever need your EDGE safe second you can count on it delivering air as smoothly as your other EDGE and HOG regulators.

  • High Flow Inflator Valve for Rapid BCD Inflation
  • Complete Unbalanced Safe Second Integrated with a BC Inflator in a shared housing
  • Unit comes with shoulder dump and corrugated hose assembly
  • Eliminates lost Octopuses and damage due to dangling hoses
  • 16" Corrugated hose
  • Attaches to any BCD corrugated hose with a 1 inch diamater
  • 26 inch Hi-Flow quick disconnect low pressure regulator hose included
  • Soft push purge cover located at end of unit

Size: 12cm tall x 6cm wide x 6.5cm deep
Weight: 13oz / .386kg

Piranha's Price: $89.95