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Edge Enduro Titanium Sport - Product Image
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Edge Enduro Titanium Sport

  • Titanium- The Most Corrosion Resistant Regulator Material Available

  • Titanium has long been the preferred material for constructing regulators due to its' extremely light weight and superior corrosion resistance; however its' much higher material cost compared to chrome plated brass has made it prohibitively expensive for the average traveling diver. EDGE Diving Equipment again is breaking new ground by offering the first ever Titanium Regulator under $1000. The EDGE Ti Extreme represents our highest performing design with all the benefits Titanium at a price that is now affordable for every diver.

  • Titanium high performance flow through balanced piston 1st stage
  • 1st stage: 2 HP Ports & 5 LP Ports on a 360 degree lower turret swivel for easy hose routing
  • Titanium material provides for extremely light weight and superior corrosion resistance
  • Included cold water boot can be installed by technician or dealer for cold water use
  • Pneumatically balanced high performance adjustable 2nd Stage
  • Diver adjustable breathing resistance knob and venturi effect switch
  • Utilizes a Titanium air barrel for complete corrosion resistance and the lightest weight possible
  • 28in EDGEFLEX braided nylon hose w/titanium ball swivel reducing uncomfortable "regulator pull"
  • Silicone soft push front diaphragm cover
  • Two material composite Soft Bite Mouthpiece for greater comfort and durability
  • Total Weight 1.8lbs
    Piranha's Price: $349.95