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Extreme Diving Comfort Backpack  Size- Med/Large     ONLY 7 Packs! - Product Image
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Extreme Diving Comfort Backpack Size- Med/Large ONLY 7 Packs!

  • We have a very limited number of these so do not miss out
  • Looking for a pack that will work with almost any wing and made with the highest grade materials for a long lasting pack? Than take a minute and check this pack out
  • Check out our list of features below on this pack
  • Padded and adjustable shoulder straps
  • Each shoulder strap has a quick release buckle for easy donning or quick removal
  • The shoulder straps access allows you to add or remove D-rings or other items as needed
  • The pack has one 6mm bent D-ring on each shoulder that can be adjusted up or down
  • 3 1" inch 6mm D-rings on each side of this pack "One near the top, Middle & lower part of the pack"
  • We use 2 self-closing "epaulets" one on each side to allow you your choice of hose routing
  • The pack also has 2 upper and 2 lower dual cylinder mounting grommetted holes that allow you to better your weight distribution
  • On the rear of the pack we have 2 2" inch slots for mounting a single cylinder "2 Cylinder straps are required for this"
  • 2 adjustment 6mm waist D-rings "One on each side"
  • Under the Lumbar support comfort backpad is a velcro cloruse that allows you to slide a backplate inside for weight and when diving doubles keeps the cylinders stable on your back
  • Also comes with a 1" inch crotch strap with a heavy duty scooter ring
  • Has a removalable Lumbar support comfort pad held in place by velcro
  • Comes also with a chest strap included at this price
  • On the bottom rear are 2 6mm 1" inch D-rings to attach a butt pouch if you choose
  • Best way to figure your size is what size t-shirt you wear should get in the right right size.
    Piranha's Price: $144.00 
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