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HOG Black / Red Tec Fins w/Spring Straps " 3 Sizes Available" - Product Image
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HOG Black / Red Tec Fins w/Spring Straps " 3 Sizes Available"

  • This is a Father Day Special Price and and ENDS on Monday June 16th at midnight or if a product gets sold out prior to the end of the sale! Since some items are limited please keep this in mind

  • Looking for a fin to move you thru the water? Check out the HOG tec fins
  • This is an awesome diving fin that provides good weight to thrust ratio and works even better when you are in any current!
  • The foot pocket is sized to accommodate wet or dry boots
  • These fins come with a high quality pair of spring straps are with "line trap" covering material
  • Black or Red rubber with good venting for ease of movement - great for power kicks or refined frog kicks
  • Bottom of foot pocket does have drainage holes!
  • Select Color and either medium, Large and X-Large Sizes below
    Piranha's Price: $85.00 
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