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Heavy Duty Mesh Collection Bag - Product Image
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Heavy Duty Mesh Collection Bag

  • Looking for a small bag to collect small items you find during a dive? Check out our collection bag made out of durable material and the size is perfect for getting those smaller items!
  • We use a heavy duty coated mesh on our collection bag for the highest durability in a bag!
  • Dimensions: Roughly 9" inches of internal storage area by 7 3/4" wide
  • Has a heavy duty snap to clip off on a D-Ring or any place you can attach a clip too
  • Has a pull tab at the top to open your bag easy and Velcro to keep your items from falling out during your dive!
  • We carry them in a wide range of colors so just go to our drop down box to select your color!! We also have a neon pink color that is not in the photo since our manufacturer did not have them done yet! We will have them shortly so do not worry if you select it. The color is awesome
    Piranha's Price: $8.99 
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