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Hog Hogarthian Harness w/ Backplate and STA! - Product Image
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Hog Hogarthian Harness w/ Backplate and STA!

  • You get a combo package of a Hog DIR harness "you select the color!", Backplate "you select type!" and a single tank adapter!
  • Select your backplate from our drop down box below!
  • Select your webbing color from our drop down box below
  • This hogarthian harness comes with everything you need to assemble it easily
  • This kit also includes assembly instructions if you need them

  • Included in your kit:
  • * 2 bent D-rings
  • * 1 Straight D-ring
  • * 5 serrated belt slides
  • * 1 Stainless steel waist buckle
  • * 4 Neoprene Elastic bands
  • * 2 tubular webbing sleeves
  • * 1 Plastic weight buckle
  • * 10 Feet of #24 Cave Line for your bungee loop
  • * Assembly Instructions

  • Does not include your backplate!
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