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Intro New! 5 Foot Yellow both sides w/ Finger Spool Pocket "Flapper valve closure"  Only 4 in stock!!

Intro New! 5 Foot Yellow both sides w/ Finger Spool Pocket "Flapper valve closure" Only 4 in stock!!

So we have a 5 foot long smb made from our tough 400 denier fabric to give you a quality product. This smb has many of the features for a safe dive

Yellow on both sides with diver down on the front side of this smb!

We also have solas reflective tape nearthe top on both sides to aid when you need to be seen

We also have a stainless steel 1" inch D-ring located at the bottom to clip on to too 

We also have a  Over-Pressure Valve (OPV) locate near the bottom edge which prevents bursting and easy air dumping. 

With our inflator tip you can choose to inflate by mouth or you can use a bc hose which will allow air in during the filling process and you just pull back and it will stop inflating with the hose. A simple but great and easy way to work your smb plus you can inflate from the bottom of this smb also so you re covered no matter how you wish to choose to inflate it

We have a plastic d-ring at the top so you can use a slate to let your dive boat what is going on or use a light to help the boat find you during evenings or night diving

This smb also uses what is called a duckbill or flapper valve to allow in but not release out until your done your dive.. Also at the where the air enters we have a pair of magnets to help keep your smb closed!

The finger spool pocket is large enough you can use of larger 150 foot finger spools or any size smaller! We use a zipper plus we have a 1" inch plastic snap clip to hold your pocket closed until you need to use it 

We use a velcro strap to hold your smb closed until it is ready to use 


Piranha's Price: $28.99