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Kaplan Scuba Ceto II 420 Lumen Back-Up Light   - Product Image
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Kaplan Scuba Ceto II 420 Lumen Back-Up Light

  • We have a few left of these lights and are clearing them out!

  • The Ceto II made by Green Force for Kaplan Scuba and is an excellent back-up light that is small and compact.
  • Fits nicely into your small dive pocket or clip off to a d-ring
  • Dimensions: Diameter: 2 Inches / 50mm
  • Dimensions: Length: 8.5 inches / 220mm
  • Made out of strong and durable white delrin to withstand the harshest diving conditions
  • When you need a light to work while diving in a cave or wreck you can depend on the quality built Green Force light to work.
  • The compact and lightweight traveling companion.
  • LED's: 4 x XTE
  • Battery: 2 x C cell batteries or rechargeable batteries can also be used
  • Power/Output: 5 Watt
  • 420 lumens max output
  • Color temperature: 6.200K
  • Light Beam: 10?
  • Weight (ex. bat.): 0.71lb (0.32Kg)
  • Burn time NiMH: 120min - Rechargeable batteries *Not Included
  • Burn time Alkaline: 90min - Standard C cell batteries *Not Included
    Piranha's Price:    $79.99