Do you spearfish? Well check out our newest spearfishing products in Hot Deals and get some quality items at some crazy prices!! Now you can get spearfishing items at prices that will not break the bank     
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Lift Bag / Smb Swivel  "BRASS"  Special Purchase! - Product Image
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Lift Bag / Smb Swivel "BRASS" Special Purchase!

  • Special purchase and price on these!
  • Looking for a heavy duty liftbag snap? Then at this price take a hard look
  • Here's a product that every diver using a liftbag or even an surface maker buoy should carry
  • Allows you to securely hook up your liftbag so it will not slip out!
  • Has a positive swiveling collar that rotates to open or close the snap area
  • Dimensions:
  • Overall length: B Dimension 4 5/8" inches...
  • Ring ID: A Dimension 1.0" inch
  • Closed top gate: 3/4 inch ... This opens 100% but when closed has the 3/4 inch ID area
  • This snap has a large locking ring which makes it easy to use underwater!
    Piranha's Price: $4.39