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Low Profile Slide Locking D-Ring "Straight Design" - Product Image
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Low Profile Slide Locking D-Ring "Straight Design"

Here is a simple slide locking d-ring!

Made out of 304 marine grade stainless steel so you can use it in salt or frsh water with no harm to it!

This part is roughly 1/8" inches thick giving it plently of strength and very durable for diving use

You have thick webbing no problem we designed this d-ring for the thinnest or thickest webbing to be used

We also tumble these for 48 hours giving them a smooth none damaging finish or any sharpe edges


Our webbing slot is 2 1/8" inches wide

3/16" inches is the webbing slot allowing your webbing to go through with no issues!

1" Tall D-Ring loop area

The D-rings can be easily adjusted during the dive by holding them perpendicular to the webbing and sliding. Once a load is clipped to the ring, the serrations bite into the webbing and hold it firmly in place.

Our sliding D-rings are ideally suited for attaching the bottom bolt snaps of sidemounted AL80 cylinders or stage bottles to the waist. Our d-rings can be easily adjusted forward during the dive to manage the tanks as they are breathed down and become more positively buoyant. 

We make these in the Usa just for Piranha! 

Piranha's Price: $5.99