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Low Profile Tec Buckle  - Product Image Click for larger image

Low Profile Tec Buckle

* So this is a brand new low profile buckle for folks that want something streamline

* This is a 2 piece stainless steel buckle made to be very durable

* We use 1/8" inch stainless to build this buckle and tumble it for 48 hours to make this little gem as smooth as solk and it will not cut or damage your webbing!

* Made to be used with 2" inch wide webbing

* We make the top part of our buckle which is the part that you slide thru the slot to lock it in position with a little longer lip to help you with faster insertion and lock-down or quick releasing of the buckle 

* We made the webbing slots wide enough that you can use the thickess webbing or the thinnest with no issues

* We also made the bottom part of our buckle with 3 slots so you can run and lock your webbing down with ease 

* We have this item built right here in the good ole USA! 

Piranha's Price: $14.99