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Mini Log Book "4 Left!" - Product Image
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Mini Log Book "4 Left!"

Want a small log book to write down your information which you can always transfer later to your standard size log book or just keep using this little guy!

**Gives you a checklist on the back page of items you may want to have when going to your dive site.

**Inside cover you can write down your personal information and medical information in case of an emergency contact 

**You can also list your certififcation information so you have it

**You next have 11 pages on your dive such as: Allows you to note all the information you need to have for a reference 

**Next you have a map layout if you are keeping records of a dive you found something you wish to go back too

**Back inside page you have equipment purchase record for reference and also noting your weight requirements so you remember what you need for weight in either salt or fresh water

A great little book measureing 6" by 5" inches which allows you to store it anywhere plus at this price try it! 

Piranha's Price: $2.29