Do you spearfish? Well check out our newest spearfishing products in Hot Deals and get some quality items at some crazy prices!! Now you can get spearfishing items at prices that will not break the bank     
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Moldable Mouth Piece "Color: High Vis YELLOW"  - Product Image
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Moldable Mouth Piece "Color: High Vis YELLOW"

  • Our newest item are these Moldable Mouth Pieces!
  • Now you can get that custom fit and feel at a comfortable price!
  • These fit most standard regulators and rebreathers in todays market!
  • Follow the easy instructions to get that custom fit
  • You are purchasing one Black mouthpiece!


  • Ever finish a dive and your jaw was sore? The fun of diving can easily be ruined by an ill-fitting regulator mouthpiece. These moldable mouthpieces were developed by a dentist to prevent discomfort and headaches associated with bulky and poor fitting mouthpieces. Standard rubber mouthpieces can cause extreme jaw muscle fatigue with prolonged use because they have no stability.


  • Our moldable mouthpieces are customizable to your personal teeth and jaw bite, resulting in unbeatable comfort. Since each mouthpiece is fitted to your teeth, it guarantees you a solid grip in your mouth without stressing jaw muscles during your dive. The width of the teeth guards is also smaller than standard mouthpieces, creating a very comfortable fit! You may never dive with a standard mouthpiece after using one of these!!


  • Customize our mouthpiece by simply immersing it in boiling water, then biting down to create a personalized fit!

  • Piranha's Price: $13.99