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New / Intro Pricing Small Counter weights / Storage Pocket - Product Image
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New / Intro Pricing Small Counter weights / Storage Pocket

* This small pocket can be used for many different diving applications

** Counter weight pockets. Upto 5 pounds of soft weight can be slide into the pocket! A great little pocket when adding weight to your cam strap on your tank to help get your diving profile perfect in the water

** Perfect pocket to hold a finger spool for quick / easy deployment

** Holds a 36 / 45" inch Smb

* Made out of a heavy denair  material to hold up in harsh diving applications

* Velcro to secure your contents inside securely

* Small grommet at the bottom to quick drain any water inside the pocket

* A Velcro attatchment tab on the back of the pocket so you can quickly add it onto your rig without tearing it apart! Fits upto a 2" wide piece of webbing!!

* Dimensions:

** Length: 5" inches

** Width:4" inches

** Depth:2" inches 

Piranha's Price:    $7.99