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New! 28" LP PVC Hose WHITE - Product Image
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New! 28" LP PVC Hose WHITE

  • Piranha is pround to start releasing our newest hose to the dive market! We are proud to have the largest selection of dive hoses on the market today and work hard to ensure your hoses are of the best quality out there and with our pricing the combination is hard to beat us!!
  • This hose is made from a durable PVC material with special additives to resist ultravoilet rays and other harmful materials to rubber hoses!
  • Our PVC hoses we will be bringing in new colors to allow you more choices in your dive hoses! Watch for them!! 
  • These hoses are slightly less flexiable than a standard rubber hose but not so much that you can really feel the difference in the water. 
  • Our hoses are made from the highest quality materials available
  • Our Low Pressure hoses have a 3/8 fitting
  • Working pressure of 500 psi ensures against hose failures
  • Burst pressure rating of 2000 psi gives you that extra safety margin
  • Our hoses have a 4 to 1 hose working/burst pressure rating
  • Our hoses are also CE EN250:2000 rated so you know your getting a safe hose to dive with!! 
  • Great Low pressure hose for your primary or back up regulator
  • Caution make sure you do not need a 1/2" fitting which where used on earlier Apek first stages "2006 & earlier" and a few others

  • Piranha's Price: $13.99