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New! Adjustable Leg Storage Pocket - Product Image
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New! Adjustable Leg Storage Pocket

Our latest stoarge pocket has a 1' inch wide clip to slip over your 2" inch webbing to hold your pocket in place during your dive! When your done you just unsnap the top clip to quickly get out of your set up

We also have two 1" wide adjustable clips for your leg. Our 1' elestic webbing will confirm to your leg even while your suit decompresses it will stay right with you

Has a drainage grommet to quickly remove water and aid in faster drying

Our pocket uses velcro at the top to keep your pocket closed and hold your items inside safetly

We also have a 1" inch plastic D-Ring at the bottom to clip more items off plus and inside the cover 1" inch plastic D-Ring  so you can use a lease on your special items 

You can hold finger spools and other dive gear giving you more room to place items you may need during your dive! 

Dimensions are roughly:

8 3/4" inches long

5 1/2" inches wide

2 1/2" inches deep / Thick

Piranha's Price: $34.99