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New Color! Piranha's Explorer Ceramic Line Cutter w/ pouch " Safety Yellow Body"

New Color! Piranha's Explorer Ceramic Line Cutter w/ pouch " Safety Yellow Body"

So we now have a cutting tool that will just keep cutting with a ceramic blade!
Comes with a pouch that you can mount with any 2" inch / 50mm webbing so place on webbing your store in your pocket with its small compact size
Ceramic is the 2nd hardest material which makes it an awesome material for a cutting blade.

You may never need to replace the blade but if you do we do have spares you can purchase as a back-up.
With using a ceramic blade it never rusts and since ceramic is not a porous material it is less likely to correct dirt or grime while diving!
We do recommend that you just do a quick rinse after your dive just to keep your cutter in tip top shape
Our cutter is secured by velcro inside a pouch plus we have a 1" inch plastic d-ring at the end of 1" webbing to quickly remove your cutter for quick use! Cut line or webbing in a breeze with our cutter
If down the road in do need to replace a blade because it is damaged or lossing some of its cutting edge you simply remove 2 stainless steel screws and insert a new blade
Our single cutting edge will not allow your finger or hoses to get caught up with being cut since it uses a narrow channel to cut with. The cutting channel is rough;y 7/16" inches
The webbing lease is roughly 3" inches long and add the 1" inch d-ring for a total of 3 1/2" inches

We have a large 1" opening by 1 1/4" inches wide for your fingers if you wish to get into the cutter holder or if your using thicker gloves just hold it with the webbing lease
This is a small compact and lightweight cutter great for many uses but a diver must have since line is always around wrecks and any area folks are fishing!
If you really want a spare blade purchase from our drop down but we are telling you this blade will hold its edge. The only thing is it could gets damage so if your on a dive trip or away from home is really the only time to consider a spare blade!

Piranha's Price: $17.99 
Add 1 Ceramic Spare Blade 
Upgrade Pouch