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New! Harness Loop Adjustment Slider Ring

New! Harness Loop Adjustment Slider Ring

So plenty of harness diver's have struggle to put on and remove their continuous loop harness set-ups because for many reasons but we have a simple solution now for you. Piranha now has our harness loop adjustment slider loop which makes putting on or removing from a one piece harness set-up simple and quick! Our harness loop adjustment slider ring fits all 2" / 50mm webbing Piranha Dive Mfg. sells!

Our loop adjustment slider ring allows your shoulder strap of webbing more easily adjustable on your backplates

Our loop adjustment slider ring allows your left shoulder strap of any 2-inch / 50mm continuous webbing harness to be freely adjustable, making your harness much easier to use.

Our loop adjustment slider ring is simply to install and use without cutting your webbing,

Divers using drysuits or heavy 7mm wetsuits will especially find using our loop adjustment ring a simple solution to a problem plus diver's with limited shoulder mobility

Our loop adjustment slider ring is made out of marine grade stainless steel to reduce rust formations

Our loop adjustment slider ring works with a 2-inch 50mm continuous webbing harness with most backplates

To assembly this loop adjustment ring you simple start your assembly of your webbing harness just insert the ring into the back of the diver's left waistband slot on the plate prior to threading the webbing. Instead of weaving the left side of the harness waistband through the plate, simply thread it through the loop adjustment slider ring.

Your left shoulder webbing will become easy to slide and making it adjustable to better get a tight fit to your divingrig rig. If your harness is built already simple remove the one side to place the loop adjustment ring in place

We recommend using only one loop adjustment slider ring on your leftside of your dive harness but you can always purhase two and play with the set up to see if you find a totally adjustable set up. We have played with two and found that using the leftsided one works best for most divers 

NOTE: When you purchase our loop adjustment slider ring from us you will recive one Loop Adjustment Slider ring!!!!



Piranha's Price: $6.99