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New! Hip Mount D-Ring Flat Style

Our newest piece of hardware you can use in several locations such as your Hip area or any place you use 2" inch wide webbing

We have 4 slots allowing you to choose if you only want to use 2 or lock it down using the 4! Either way we have our special teeth that will grip your webbing but not damage it

We have tumbled these for 48 hours to give smooth edges so it does not cut webbing or you!

You are purchasing our flat style  

This piece of hardware can also be used for side mount rigs 

Made right here in the Usa so your supporting our country with folks that build them to a high standard

Overall length: 5" inches long

Overall Width: 2 1/2" inches

1/8" thick to give you a very durable productmares sidemount plates

Made out of  304 Marine Grade Stainless Steel to reduce rust formation


Piranha's Price: $7.99