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New! Hose Mountable Compass with Tec BLACK Bezel! - Product Image

New! Hose Mountable Compass with Tec BLACK Bezel!

  • This is an awesome value for a color mounting bezel compass! Compare our price and see for yourself
  • Our compass has on the back side a place where you can affix to your low or high pressure hoses! Just turn the ajusting knob to tighten or loosen and adjust to your looking! Bult with knob detents so your know cannot come fully off for a loss during your dive
  • Our compass as a 360 degree bezel so you can rotate to your heading and find your way home 
  • Also has a 25+ degree tilt so it works almosts at any angle 
  • Also has a side window to get your reading from!
  • Lastly there is an open loop near the top if you wish to clip off 

  • Piranha's Price: $30.99