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New Intro Special! IST Titanium Compact Bc Knife w/ Sheath "Green Handle" - Product Image
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New Intro Special! IST Titanium Compact Bc Knife w/ Sheath "Green Handle"

  • So we know have these great little Bc knifes for folks not wanting to have a large knife taking up room! This knife fits this nitch with being just the right size but having it in a titanium material just brings it to another level!!
  • RELIABLE QUALITY — Manufactured with premium-quality #6-4 titanium for rust free use for many years!
  • DOUBLE-EDGE DESIGN — Features a smooth edge, serrated edge, cutting knotch and pointed tip to give you choices to make while using underwater or even above the water use
  • CONTOURED HANDLE — Recessed center allows for a secure grip when even using gloves! Also do not forget that this knife has a hole near the rear of the knife allowing you to use bungee or even tubing to give you a secure hold during use so not to drop and lose or drop it!
  • MOUNTABLE SHEATH — You can mount this knife upside down on your Bc shoulder strap or in a storage pocket!
  • COMPACT SIZE — Entire knife measures 5.9 inches.

 Product description


Diving Strengths

This dual-edge diver's knife is ideal for having on hand for underwater entanglements and other emergencies. The contoured shape ensures a secure grip that maximizes efficiency for cutting nets, fishing line or other unfortunate snares.

Durable Strength

#6-4 titanium offers dependable durability that has your back at all times. Don't worry about wear and tear — this knife holds up to the challenge. Plus, the nylon sheath protects the blade when not in use.

Versatile Design

The IST Titanium Bc Knife features both a serrated edge, a smooth edge and cutting notch. You won't meet a complication that you can't overcome with this multi-functional gear knife. Plus, the compact item can be mounted onto a Bc shoulder strap or stored in a pocket for safekeeping, so it's always on hand when you need it.

Piranha's Price: $44.99