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New! Large Locking Retractor w/ Dyneema Cord ***2 left!

New! Large Locking Retractor w/ Dyneema Cord ***2 left!

Our Newest LOCKING retractor version of the famous standard retractor with the steel cable line takes up minimal space, despite the cable extension up to 35+ Inches / 90 cm.

The peculiarity of this model is that it can lock the cable at the desired extension: just press the side button to lock the sliding of the dyneer line

We have a split ring on the one end where the dyneema line is affix too and the main body has a 360 swiveling snap with a stainless steel slip gate to attached to your rig 

This Retractor are equipped with a DYNEEMA cable which provides better strtength and durablilty 

DYNEEMA line has exceptional resistance, comparable to that of steel cables, but with the advantage of resisting torsion and bending efforts very well.
DYNEEMA lines are also lighter than steel giving you a higher quality retractor then ever before

Cable: DYNEEMA line size: Ø 1 mm
Body: Nylon
Spring: stainless steel
Carabiner: Nylon stainless steel stop

Piranha's Price: $21.99