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New! Rear Mounting Bracket "Bent Version" - Product Image
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New! Rear Mounting Bracket "Bent Version"

 So our newest piece of hardware just came in and if your looking for hanging items behind you well check out this piece!

 Made of our stainless steel so you know salt or fresh water will not hurt it

 1/8" Thick makes it durable

 We slightly bend the 2 large hooks on each side to better clear your back-side and makes it simply to find when reaching around

 We made this with 4 slots so you can use 2 or 4 depending on what your diving and your needs

 We have these tumbled for 48 hours giving them a smooth finish so as not to hurt your webbing thru the slot area

 Overall length is roughly 6 3/4" inches 

 Loop Area is 1 7/8" long opening by 2 3/16" inches wide:: Inside measurement

 We have these made in the good ole USA! 

Piranha's Price: $11.99