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New Size! Mini 50ft Anodized Grey Aluminum W/ FLAT High Viz Neon High Vis GREEN LINE & SS Line Swivel!

New Size! Mini 50ft Anodized Grey Aluminum W/ FLAT High Viz Neon High Vis GREEN LINE & SS Line Swivel!

  • This is a mini finger spool so if your looking for a small and compact spool with 50 feet of flat line well you found it!! Plus this little guy you can hang on your rig to quickly deploy it or place in almost any pocket to pull from in this times you need to get a quick deployment. This is the smallest yet with a large finger hole to hold on to gives you everything you been looking for. 
  • Great for your safety stops or slightly deeper for deployment 
  • Here is our latest batch of finger spools but with NEW FLAT LINE in orange!
  • We have a very limited amount of each color so be one of the first to have this spool! 
  • This finger spool also uses a High Viz Safety ORAGE FLAT line with a stainless steel swivel plus a slight attathment line. 
  • Our latest mini finger spool comes with our special stainless steel line swivel to reduce any line twisting during your dive!!
  • Smooth large center finger hole " 1" inch makes holding this finger spool during the line release much easier!
  • With Piranha Dive you pay for only what you need! We sell our hard anodized aluminum finger spools WITHOUT any clip allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs or using one you have!
  • Want a different clip? Select a Stainless Steel or Brass double ender? We offer many choices at a special price which completes this product for use in the harshest diving conditions you may be diving in!
  • With our hard anodized aluminum spool their is no rust formation
  • Dimensions: 2 1/16" inch diameter / 1 3/8" inch wide with a 1" inch finger hole
  • If you need a double ender we have you also covered with many choices from our drop down box!!!

  • Piranha's Price: $11.99 
    Add Double Ender