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New! Underwater Lanyard w/ Black Swivel Bolt Snap "Color: Pink"  - Product Image

New! Underwater Lanyard w/ Black Swivel Bolt Snap "Color: Pink"

So we have a new lanyard giving you a little color and style to your diving rig but still making it easy to reach any of your diving accessories

We use a stainless steel snap that has been coated giving it a blackish look and a stainless steel spring to keep your snap working!! 

You can hang your Spg and gauge consoles, Spg's, Safety Knifes, Dive Lights and just about anything you wish to secure to your diving rig

The great thing about these lanyards are if they get hung up you can quickly cut the braideed line to release yourself!  

Our swivel bolt snap uses a 1/2" inch eye

7/16" Gate opening

3 1/2" long snap

10 1/4" overall length top to bottom


* The ropes are all hand-woven with seven-core nylon rope and nine-core nylon rope, which are tough and wear-resistant and are built with water use in mind

* Easily hang your diving equipment on your diving rig, and it can also be used for other outdoor sports, making it easy to take for any outdoor use

* With this lanyard know your dive rig will not be confused with another diver's rig when diving off of dive boats

Piranha's Price: $9.99