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New Version! 2 Inch Crotch Strap w/ Quick Relkease Buckle

New Version! 2 Inch Crotch Strap w/ Quick Relkease Buckle

  • Our 2 Inch crotch strap works with our backplates and many others on the market today!
  • Our 2 inch crotch strap runs from the adjustable part of the strap on the rear to mount to the slot in the backplate to the front where the loop goes on the waist belt webbing at the front of your harness and we use a plastic quick release buckle to quickly get out of your rig!
  • Using this crotch strap helps to maintain your harness from moving up on our body during a water entry from a boat or while ascending during your dive. Also by holding your rig in place this prevents your cylinders/valves from contacting your head
  • Our strap has a 2 inch stainless steel scooter ring for use with diver propulsion vehicles at the front of the strap right below the webbing loop.
  • You can also use this 2 inch scooter ring for applications such as a temporarily place to clip off an item such as reels, dive lights, spools or camera's.
  • On the backside of the strap we have a place for a 5mm 6mm stainless steel d-ring that uses a slider so you can adjust it for your final positioning.. You can purchase this d-ring from our drop down box below
  • We use a 2" inch soft black webbing so it does not cut into your wetsuit material or cause any damage that stiffer webbing can cause 
  • The 2 inch webbing creates a distribution of weight because of the width provides a greater secure feeling during those dives

  • Piranha's Price: $13.99 
    Add Rear D-Ring