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Nylon Catch Bag our Large shortie! - Product Image
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Nylon Catch Bag our Large shortie!

  • Our heavy duty mesh on the bottom combined with the black nylon material on the top gives you a quality bag
  • The bottom of the bag we have heavy yellow mesh to allow quick drainage!
  • The top uses a nylon to keep your bag in top shape for many years
  • Our newest bag built for us!
  • We use a metal handle with a locking clip on the top of the bag
  • Size is roughly 17" inches wide x 14" inches deep
  • Design for divers who clip off during your dive at the bottom collecting scollops or other items. The bag allows you to stay horizontal on the bottom but keep your bag out of the sand / muck! We also used our wide opening to allow you to collect more while your on the bottom but with the mesh it drains quickly at the surface so your not also lifting water with your catch

  • Piranha's Price: $15.49