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Padded Large Triangle Regulator Bag - Product Image
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Padded Large Triangle Regulator Bag

* Our larger Triangle padded reg bag is padded around the whole bag adding for full protection of your reg!

* Zipper closure secures your reg inside this bag

* Made out of heavy duty cordura to be very durable for everyday use! 

* Triangle Design! 

* If you have just a single regulator with a 1st & 2nd stage with octo in this bag would work

* Clear front area to place your name or other information  

* This little guy can also be used in many applications protecting your dive gear at a Piranha price!

* Dimensions:

* 12" inches long

* 4" inches high

* 9 1/2" inches wide down to 4" inches at the front edge 

Piranha's Price: $8.99